Making things simpler...

Welcome to Simplistix!

What are we?

Simplistix is a software consultancy run by Chris Withers. Chris delivers complete solutions for smaller projects. For larger projects, he can work with design agencies or as part of a team. He can also supply and co-ordinate teams of designers and technical specialists when required.

What do we do?

Simplistix specialises in building web-based applications using Python. The architecture and technical implementation of complex and scalable solutions is our speciality. We also love troubleshooting deep technical problems and providing end-to-end solutions for new projects.

We actively develop and support an array of open source software.

How do we do it?

If you have a specific problem that needs solving or a complete project specification, we will quote a fixed price and work to a target delivery date if the price is approved.

If you have a project or problem requiring further specification, we usually proceed with an initial period of consultancy charged at a fixed day rate followed by one or more deliverables specified at a fixed price with a delivery date. At each stage, business functionality will be delivered and we aim to give the customer the freedom to stop or continue after each deliverable as required.

In rare circumstances we can also provide staff on a more traditional contracting basis.

Considering using us?

Please get in touch!

Want a Job?

We're always interested in hearing from people who would like to work for Simplistix. If you're interested, please get in touch!

NB: We do not generally accept candidates from recruitment agencies.


Want to see what Simplistix stuff is happening?

06 April 2013

Not many news items in the last few years does not mean nothing has been happening...

mortar_rdb 1.0.0 Released!

18 February 2011

The first release of this library which ties together SQLAlchemy, sqlalchemy-migrate and the component architecture together for easy use in any framework

testfixtures 1.8.0 Released!

14 January 2011

A new release of this collection of mock objects and helpers for writing unit tests and doc tests, now including full Sphinx-based documentation.

Checker 1.4 Released!

26 September 2010

This release adds a checker that lets you record and check the output of arbitrary commands.

SimpleUserFolder 2.0.0 Released!

26 August 2010

SimpleUserFolder is a scriptable, subclassable, fully documented and tested user folder implementation.